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Air Filters

air-filters-2 The perfect union of the end caps with the filter paper element makes for a uniform seal that does not permit any bypass of incoming air between these surfaces. The end caps are adhered to the filter element chemically with a soft elastic material providing the benefit of a perfect seal and assuring the flow of air thru the filter medium. Advantages: The open and closed end caps are fabricated using a polyurethane material that is highly elastic and provides a high resistance to vibration and impact.
Primary Air Filter Secondary Air Filter
CTP1106326 1106331
CTP1318822 1318821
CTP3I2013 —-
CTP4I7575 6I6582
CTP4N0326 4N0313
CTP4W5228 1N4864
CTP6I0273 6I0274
CTP6I2499 6I2502
CTP6I2501 6I2500
CTP6I2503 6I2504
CTP6I2505 6I2506
CTP6I2507 6I2508
CTP6N6071 6N6072
CTP7W5216 7N1308
CTP7W5313 2S1284 – 1P8482
CTP7W5316 2S1287
CTP7W5317 2S1286 – 9S9972
CTP7W5389 2S1285 – 8N4901
CTP7W5495 1P7360
CTP7Y0404 5I5208
CTP8N5504 4W6691
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* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only

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