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Remember to Maintain Your Excavator’s Bucket Teeth

In the ground engaging market, sharp bucket teeth are imperative to good ground penetration. It is important for your excavator to be able to dig and complete earth moving tasks with minimal effort. When you leave bucket teeth to wear down for too long, your excavator will take far longer to complete tasks and will use more fuel too. Dull bucket teeth will result in greater percussive shock to be transmitted via the bucket to the digging arm and undercarriage of the machine. This can result in damage to the equipment and accelerated wear to the other undercarriage components.

Many people overlook the importance of proper ground engaging equipment maintenance. Keeping an eye on the condition of your excavator’s bucket teeth is important if you want to complete projects on time and avoid costly repairs in the future due to unexpected wear and tear, damage, and even malfunction. Part of the process of owning and operating heavy-duty equipment is to carry out regular checks on your equipment and never to miss a service, even if your equipment appears to be in good condition.

When shopping for new bucket teeth, it is important to find sets that are supplied complete with all the nuts and bolts required to install them. This ensures the ultimate convenience when it comes to fitting the new bucket teeth. Having access to the right components can really make all the difference. You must also check the dimensions of your existing bucket teeth so that you are sure to order the right parts. Fitting the incorrect bucket teeth to your excavator can result in damage to the equipment and inefficiencies that result in uneconomic equipment operation.

You will undoubtedly notice that there are various types of bucket teeth available. Usually forged and cast bucket teeth will be among the types offered. How do you know which to choose? Forged bucket teeth are almost always the answer. To ensure strength and durability, bucket teeth are often forged. The process involves heat treating the bucket teeth. You will find that while both forged and cast bucket teeth are wear-resistant, forged bucket teeth offer the most strength and durability. In addition to bucket teeth, cutting edges can also be fixed to the bucket to ensure greater precision and accuracy with digging and earth moving.

We stock an extensive range of bucket teeth and cutting edges suited to all the different types and models of graders and excavators. Bucket teeth form part of our ground engaging tools range. In this range you will find Titan brand self-sharpening bucket teeth, which have exceptional ground penetrating capacity. These bucket teeth offer a longer lifespan and reduce overall operating costs.

If you are looking for a selection of the best quality bucket teeth to choose from, waste no more time. Get in touch with us at Tractor & Grader Supplies for more information and advice on our extensive range and for best quality and prices available to you. Contact us via email or telephone today.



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