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Choosing Ground Engaging Grader Blades that are Right for the Job

It is a very common sight to see bulldozers, tractors and graders used in the construction and mining industries. These items of equipment are designed to handle heavy-duty ground engaging tasks and part of those tasks is for the equipment to effectively negotiate a variety of terrains. Of course, it all comes down to the type of ground engaging components, like grader blades, that you choose for your equipment. Choose the wrong blades and you could find your equipment somewhat ineffective at getting the job done efficiently and on time. Not only does this place negative stress on your equipment, but it can be taxing on your equipment operators too.

The ground engaging grader blades are certainly not standard components. They are specifically designed for particular functions. Some may be used for creating a smooth road surface while others might be purposed for cutting paths through rough and uneven terrain. The grader operator will need to have working knowledge and skill when it comes to operating the grader, so it is preferable that training be provided so that operators understands how to best operate the equipment and to prevent them from attempting tasks that the grader and its undercarriage components do not have the capacity to handle.

As a rule of thumb, light grading jobs can be effectively completed with smooth-edged grader blades. These types of blades quickly and easily dispense with surfaces that consist of sand, loose dirt, gravel and similar. If you are looking to work with a tough and somewhat compacted surface, it would be best to select a heavy-duty blade with cutting edges that offer exceptional strength. It can be difficult knowing which grader blades are best suited to the tasks at hand and it is far from ideal if your team needs to use the same equipment to work in a variety of terrains. The best solution is to chat to our consultants at Tractor & Grader Supplies so that you can invest in a variety of viable undercarriage components that can be changed at any time according to the task at hand.

Grader blades are fairly versatile, as they can be used with bulldozers, tractors and graders. Various blades are available on the market and they may be compatible with more than one brand or type of machinery. If you are advised against using a particular blade with your make and model of grader, it is best to heed the advice; using incompatible components can lead to inefficiency or even worse, serious damage to the equipment itself.

We are standing by to assist you with all of your grader blade needs and requirements. Our staff members are all knowledgeable in all the kinds of parts and components required by ground engaging equipment and we would be delighted to assist you at any time, with any questions or operational advice that you may require. For more information and advice on our range of ground engaging grader blades and other parts and components, contact us via email or telephone at Tractor & Grader Supplies today.



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