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Refresh Your Ground Engaging Tools and Boost Productivity and Efficiency in the New Year

Working in the construction, infrastructure development and even in the general maintenance fields requires you to have access to heavy-duty equipment that can truly get the job done. However, equipment does not usually operate alone; in many cases, add-on components are required and these are called GETs (Ground Engaging Tools). Ground engaging tools are components used together with your heavy-duty equipment to make certain tasks such as digging, ripping, and cutting of ground and hard earth just a bit easier.

If you want to save yourself in terms of ongoing maintenance, repairs, downtime, and overall project time requirements, its best to opt for heavy-duty tools that are engineered with accuracy and hardwearing durability in mind. The products and brands that you invest in should be groundbreaking, pun intended, and provide you with the type of peace of mind that you require in your demanding industry.

Our range of ground engaging tools are intended for use on the following types of equipment:

  • Excavators;
  • Dozers;
  • Backhoe Loaders;
  • Loaders;
  • Graders;
  • Rippers;

We have encountered many companies looking for ground engaging equipment and components that can easily be integrated with a variety of add-ons built to the specifications of various applications. We have become a reputable supplier and advisor in many industries and we are only too happy to assist you in selecting products that will boost the efficiency of your ground engaging equipment. Increasing the productivity of your team is made possible with pairing the correct ground engaging tools with your equipment, systems, or applications.

However, the term “ground engaging tools” can be quite broad. In some respects, even a spade can be considered a ground engaging tool, but that is of course not the market that we focus on at Tractor & Grader Supplies. Our extensive range of GETs is made up of many products designed to protect your equipment’s ripper shanks, buckets, and blades and the like. The range includes edge protection, adaptors, ripper protection, cutting edges, sidebar protectors, tips, and general wear protection products.

When ground engaging tools are bought and attached, they must not be put to work on projects that exceed their handling capacity as this will not only damage the GET, but the actual equipment as well. Using the incorrect ground engaging tools with your equipment can also slow down work progress and cause the equipment to suffer excess wear and tear. This is why we offer our professional advice to all clients looking for the right selection of ground engaging tools and components for their equipment and specific projects. We want to ensure that you are provided with the type of efficiency, productivity, and accuracy that you need to finish projects on time and according to specifications provided.

Enhance the power and performance of your heavy-duty ground engaging equipment with our range of ground engaging tools and add-ons at Tractor & Grader Supplies! For more information, and advice on our products, accessories, and components, waste no more time. Simply contact us today via email or telephone.



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