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Find Quality Replacement Idlers for Sale at Tractor & Grader Supplies

When it comes to earth moving equipment and heavy-duty machinery that must work in harsh conditions, idlers are used. Idlers are an integral part of the heavy-duty machinery undercarriage assembly. They usually have a pre-tensioned spring element to ensure that they handle impacts from rocks and other objects with greater ease. Idlers are designed to ensure that the slack of the chain in the undercarriage can easily and effectively be adjusted. This further protects the drive assembly from potential damage from external objects, often in the form of rocks and stones.

At Tractor & Grader Supplies, we offer hard-wearing replacement parts for earth moving and heavy-duty construction equipment. As part of our range, we feature idlers from the CTP brand. These idlers are manufactured from premium quality cast steels, which makes them one of the most durable options on the market. In fact, our idlers are available in cast and fabricated varieties. They are designed and manufactured with the most advanced technology and equipment, in order to ensure durability and longevity. In addition to this, they undergo a specialised heat treatment, which makes them hard and smooth.

To ensure that your idlers remain in good health, safe and durable, they must be regularly checked. It is important to set a maintenance schedule in place, in order to ensure that any wear, tear and potential damage to the idler and surrounding components and undercarriage parts are not overlooked. Failing to replace idlers in good time can result in damage to the equipment or a malfunction that can be quite costly to repair. Any damage to the undercarriage will be costly to repair – keeping on top of your maintenance checks is essential!

At Tractor & Grader Supplies, we have extensive experience in providing replacement parts and spares to the market. In an increasingly-competitive market, we ensure that our products remain of the utmost best quality and that they are provided at cost-effective rates. Ensuring that our brand and products are always competitive is a top priority for our team.

If you are looking for the best quality idlers at decent rates, you have come to the right place. Take the time to contact us via email or telephone, and we will ensure that you are presented with a range of viable idler options to consider. Our team is looking forward to assisting you with all of your needs and requirements for your replacement parts.



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