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Choose Best Quality Track Shoes & Other Undercarriage Components at Tractor & Grader Supplies

The undercarriage of ground engaging and earth moving equipment is vital to its smooth running and effectiveness on any terrain. The components found on the undercarriage are, by design, tough and durable to ensure that they can withstand continuous work on different types of terrain, smooth or rough. If the undercarriage parts, including the track shoes, track adjusters, sprockets, rollers, link assemblies, idlers and bogies are all of an excellent quality and set up correctly, you can expect to enjoy the convenience of productive machinery that imposes no delays on the business.

If your earthmoving equipment has the wrong track shoes for instance, you could find yourself faced with costly repairs to machinery and it can take far longer to get the task done, which will cause your project to run behind schedule and be less profitable. It is important to purchase the best quality undercarriage components to ensure the effectiveness and longevity of your machinery.

Our selection of track shoes offers a high tensile strength due to the specialised heat treatment that they undergo. This tensile strength provides resistance to bending and breaking, especially under the force of an impact. In order to get the correct track shoes for your equipment, discuss the working environment and the demands and pressures on your equipment with your supplier. We will be able to assist you with making the right selection.

The main functionality of track shoes and grouser shoes is to ensure that your heavy machinery enjoys better traction and control, regardless of the terrain. We have various track shoe types and sizes available, depending on your needs. We welcome you to browse through our product listing to learn more about each model in our catalogue. Our professional sales consultants are also always available to assist you with deciding between all the available models and making the right choice.

Since 1994, the team at Tractor & Grader Supplies has been working hard to bring best quality components to the market at competitive prices. The company has grown substantially and has since become Africa’s largest aftermarket supplier of OPM-quality parts and components. Our products are SABS-approved and we take product quality very seriously. If you would like to receive further information and advice on our range of track shoes and want to invest in the best quality undercarriage components that will keep your equipment and machinery running efficiently for longer, contact us via email or telephone today.



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