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Track Shoes and Various Other Undercarriage Components for Sale in SA

Ground engaging and earthmoving equipment are required to operate smoothly on even the roughest terrain. How this type of equipment handles the terrain depends greatly on the unit’s undercarriage. Leading brands and models of ground engaging equipment are designed with tough undercarriage components that make it possible for them to operate effectively over any type of terrain. Productive machinery that won’t let you down will incorporate only best quality undercarriage components, including the likes of track shoes, rollers, link assemblies, idlers, track adjusters, sprockets, and bogies.

When repairing or replacing any undercarriage components, it’s important to ensure that you select the right units for the equipment that you are using. For example, fitting the wrong track shoes could cause damage to the machinery during operation. It can also slow down your project, bringing productivity levels down to the detriment of your profits. If you are in the market for track shoes or other undercarriage components, only choose best quality items for your equipment. Our range offers exactly that.

Track shoes are specifically designed to provide heavy-duty and earth moving equipment with better traction and control, especially when being operated on rough terrain. Our track shoes are available in a variety of sizes and styles and our sales consultants are always available to advise you on the best options for your application.

If we take a look at our range of track shoes, you will find that they offer high tensile strength. This is because they have been heat treated via a specialised process and this ensures that track shoes can offer resistance and durability. They won’t fail when placed under immense pressure or force. Of course, you will need to ensure that you select the right equipment for the type of task you are handling, if you want your undercarriage components to perform effectively.

Tractor & Grader Supplies is not the new kid on the block. If you have been involved in the ground engaging, mining or construction industry, you will know that our name and brand are both familiar on the market, and it’s for good reason. We have had our doors open for business since 1994 and while our products’ quality has ensured that they are always in high demand, we have made it our aim to keep our rates competitive and our service of an excellent standard. It’s no surprise that we are known as Africa’s largest aftermarket supplier of OMP quality parts and it’s something that we are proud of.

If you are interested in learning more about our SABS-approved, quality, and affordable track shoes and other undercarriage components, simply contact us at Tractor & Grader Supplies via email or telephone today



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