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Tips for Protecting Your Undercarriage Link Assemblies & Other Undercarriage Components

The undercarriage of your excavator or grader is vitally important. Yes, it is built to carry the load and handle a few knocks and scrapes, but there are components below, such as undercarriage link assemblies, that need ongoing maintenance to ensure that they are always operating at peak performance. In general, maintaining the undercarriage of your machine will ensure optimal productivity of your machinery. Below are a few top tips for maintaining your machinery’s undercarriage:

• Carry out daily inspections. All operators should have a checklist that they must complete before and after use of the equipment. Look for wear and tear, damage, and missing components. Also check for correct clearance between the track chain and idler roller. It is also important to check the track pads and drive sprockets for potential damage and wear.
• Check for proper track tension. Tracks that are too tight can increase wear and tear on components. They can also cause the machine to be sluggish and heavy on fuel. Tracks that are too loose can result in the tracks derailing. It can also speed up the wear of undercarriage components.
• Transfer loads correctly by digging over the front idlers. Avoid digging over sprockets, which can result in bushings cracking or breaking. Digging over the side of the excavator can cause damage to the track shoes and undercarriage link assemblies, so this practice should also be avoided.
• Ensure correct track alignment at all times. Track misalignment can result in serious undercarriage damage. Undercarriage link assemblies, sprockets, roller flanges, and rock guards can all suffer serious premature wear and tear if the track alignment is out of specification.
• Keep it clean. Make sure that the excavator and its undercarriage are cleaned after each use to ensure that any wear, tear, and damage can be quickly and easily spotted and that maintenance and repairs can be carried out timeously and accurately.
• Planning and training. Inexperienced operators most often cause unexpected damage to the undercarriage of tractors, graders, and excavators. With correct training, operators can plan excavation and earth moving tasks with greater accuracy, which will ensure that the undercarriage of the machinery is not exposed to unnecessary risk.
• Always use the right tracks for the job. You can be a professional ground engaging equipment operator and plan everything perfectly, but if you are using the wrong tracks for the job, chances are that the undercarriage link assemblies and other components are going to suffer potentially costly damage. For firm ground and minimal slopes, use long tracks. For firm ground with a varied terrain, use wide tracks. For soft, swampy ground, use low ground pressure tracks. Lastly, lubricated track designs are best for low impact, highly abrasive terrains.

These are just a few tips to protect the lifespan of your undercarriage link assemblies and various other undercarriage components. If you would like to gather more information and advice, of if you would like to discover our extensive range of products, we welcome you to do just that. Simply contact us via email or telephone at Tractor & Grader Supplies today.



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