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Wear-resistant Parts and Their Use in the Mining, Agricultural and Construction Industries


The mining, agricultural and construction industries rely heavily on ground engaging equipment with durable, wear-resistant parts. Without these ground engaging tools and equipment, optimal efficiency and precision would be virtually impossible to attain in these particular industries. Without wear-resistant parts, ground engaging tools would wear prematurely, equipment would become damaged, and maintenance and servicing costs on equipment would skyrocket. That is before you consider increased or delayed project timelines.

In heavy-duty outdoor environments that tend to present unpredictable terrain, wear-resistant parts certainly have their place. These parts make it possible for your bulldozing equipment, grading machinery and various other items of earthmoving equipment to handle the load without wearing out prematurely or letting you down. General wear of parts is most often caused by grinding, grading, chemical exposure, exposure to widely varying temperatures and heavy impacts. Wear-resistant parts are designed to handle these types of working conditions and functions.

Of course, various factors will cause a wear-resistant part to reach the end of its life. Factors that affect how a part wears and may become damaged include the following:

• The application that it is used for.
• Whether or not the correct part is being used for the function or application.
• The technique being employed by the operator.

We understand the importance of top-quality parts being available to your business at all times. As a result, we maintain healthy stock levels of all of our wear-resistant parts. When these parts do eventually wear out or need replacing, it must be done promptly to avoid subsequently expensive damage to the equipment. What is convenient about ground engaging wear-resistant parts is that each part consists of a number of components.

These components are separate from each other and in many instances when wear or damage occurs, the specific component that is damaged can be replaced without having to replace or repair the entire part. This can help to save a great deal of money in the long run. While it is important to use your equipment until it is at the end of its life, it is never advised to continue using a part that is showing damage or wear that is beyond the serviceable limit.

Our team spares no effort to ensure that the quality of our products is of the highest standard. This is done by ensuring that each part stocked has gone through extensive testing to ensure durability and handling capacity. Wear-resistant parts are tested under various speeds, temperatures and pressures to ascertain whether they are suitable for use in harsh conditions and to determine precisely what the expected handling capacity of each part is.

If you are looking for a range of top-quality wear-resistant parts for ground engaging tools, take the time to consider our range at Tractor & Grader Supplies. We are available to discuss your needs and the specifications of each of the parts on our range. For more information and advice, contact us via email or telephone today.



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