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Types and Selection of Bulldozer Blades

When selecting bulldozer blades, it is important to remember that they are used for a wide range of maintenance and construction applications, and that different blades are suited to different applications. Often, bulldozer blades are specifically designed and developed for a particular use, and the performance and wear of the blades will be affected by the environment and terrain that they work with.

Selecting the correct blade is therefore essential for increased savings in fuel, reduced wear of the blade, better productivity and a better end result overall. Environmental factors, such as the types and characteristics of soil, the working temperature, type of terrain and moisture content, are all important variables that will affect the type of blade to be used, and the effectiveness of the blade.

Types of blades

• S Blade: This a geometrically straight blade has a rugged design with more weight, which makes it more suited to use in harder and more abrasive materials. The effectiveness of the blade also depends on the operator’s skill in using the blade to the best of its abilities. These blades are very versatile and can be used in many different applications.

• SU Blade: The Semi-U blade has side wings that curve forward, and it therefore works better where material spillage has to be minimised, and has a wide range of uses for the blade. It is less able to penetrate ground than the S-blade, and is well suited to medium to soft terrain.

• U Blade: Designed with a scoop that looks like a “U”, it is similar to the two blades above, but can deal better with carrying materials and loading, and over longer distances, it is more efficient at moving soils. These blades are best used in soft soil conditions.

• Angle Blade: This blade is mounted on a central pivot that allows it to be used at an angle, in order to scrape materials to the side. It is best for medium to soft soil conditions.

• PAT Blade: Standing for power, angle and tilt, the PAT blade is straight, and the tractor attachment can facilitate using it at an angle. It simplifies operational control, and makes tractor applications more versatile.

If you would like to know more about which bulldozer blades would be most effective for your use, contact our team. We have a wide range of new and reconditioned blades, spares, components and parts for sale, and can provide you with all the information and products that your bulldozer needs!



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