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Tips on How to Select Machinery for Earthmoving

It is not always as straightforward as you think to select the correct type of earthmoving equipment for the job that needs to be done, some research has to be done, and various factors have to be considered before an informed decision can be made. It is also a good idea to speak to people who know about earthmoving, tips, parts and accessories, and where to use which type of machine or system.

Earthmoving considerations

Many experts believe that the haul distance is the major criteria for the selection of the system, but with new systems constantly being launched on the market, there are primarily four questions that have to be asked, in order to determine the type of machinery or systems used.

1. What types of materials are being moved?

For a lot of materials, a wheel tractor scraper would be best, and this particularly applies to sand, and other materials that spread easily. When the conditions are good for the use of this machine, there is not much that can beat its speed at loading. It is, however, not as effective in wet or rocky conditions, as the scrapers find it difficult to pull through rocky material. Experts generally recommend that a wheel tractor scraper is not used for rocky soil at all, as it can damage the chains and flights.

In these circumstances, it is better to use an auger scraper, as these machines can deal with rocks and sizeable boulders with ease. They are also easier to repair, as they don’t have as many moving parts as a wheel tractor scraper. Articulated trucks could also be a very good solution, as they are loaded from the top, but loading these could take longer as each load has to be done piece by piece.

2. What are the conditions underfoot?

The conditions on a site can be very much altered by the weather. Where articulated trucks work very well practically all year round, and scrapers cannot be used in very wet or muddy conditions. Generally speaking, articulated haulers will deliver the best performance in any conditions, and they even perform well in very poor conditions where traction is very limited.

3. What are the constraints on space?

The amount of space to operate in is vital in the determination of whether a scraper or an articulated truck is used. When it comes to scrapers, a lot of space is required, while articulated trucks can operate in virtually any environment that presents spatial constraints when it comes to terrain. Earthmoving tips from experts direct that scrapers tend to work better in conditions where there is enough space to set out a circuit.

4. What factors influence the haul?

On smooth terrain, tractor scrapers and articulated trucks both perform optimally, so factors such as fuel consumption have to be considered. Twin engine scrapers may become economically impractical to run over high speed, lengthy roads. The grade of the road can also influence your choice. Single engine scrapers tend to have trouble getting up steep grades quickly, and again here, articulated trucks provide just what you need. If the grade is steep and there is a possibility of slippage, the articulated trucks win every time.

If you want to know more about what machine or system to choose for your earthmoving exercise, give us a call for some great earthmoving tips and advice. We look forward to hearing from you!

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