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Find a Range of Black Cat Grader Blades at Tractor & Grader Supplies

You will know that it’s time to get new grader blades when it becomes apparent that your grader operations are just scraping by. When shopping around for grader blades, you will find that the market caters to a variety of options. At Tractor & Grader Supplies, we present various carbide blades to the market, each with a different insert option. This is to ensure that our range can cater to a variety of applications and can meet with the varied requirements of our clients.

When shopping for grader blades, you will find that our range of Black Cat curved carbide blades is the obvious choice! Why is this range the obvious choice? Well, the answer is simple! Black Cat is a superior brand on the market and makes use of only the finest quality materials in the manufacturing process. This translates to durable and long-lasting blades with a quality that is hard to match. These particular blades are ideal for high abrasion applications that require a low impact. If you find that face wear is a problem for your current machinery and parent material, the Black Cat curved carbide blade can be the ultimate solution. This particular blade, when coupled with an abrasive resistant impregnation, can extend and protect the lifespan of the parent material.

When these blades are used on hardworking graders, you will find that a better material flow is achieved due to the unique curved shape of the blade itself. The long wear life of the blade is actually owed to its tungsten carbide inserts, and as a result of this extended life, you can expect to need to change the blade on fewer occasions. If you want to avoid or resist crowning in various applications, these grader blades are the answer.

Of course, there are a variety of carbide insert options available to choose from, each of which will be determined by the intended application. If you aren’t sure which type of blade and what inserts you require for your application, chat to a professional in the industry who can advise you and actively assist you with selecting the correct blade for the job.

At Tractor & Grader Supplies, we take the time to ensure that our clients are presented with the finest quality grader blades for their equipment. We have complete confidence in the Black Cat range, and encourage all of our clients to give them a try or to learn more about their effectiveness and exceptionally long lifespan. If you are looking for a blade that you can rely on long term and that will offer a great return on investment, turn to us at Tractor & Grader Supplies. Our range will certainly not disappoint.

Take the time to contact us via email or telephone, if you want to learn more about our range of grader blades and what they have to offer. With us, you will find competitive rates and superior quality products. Waste no more time – get in touch with us today.



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