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Everybody in the earthmoving and mining industry is under huge pressure to perform against deadlines and project targets all the time, and keeping the relevant machinery running optimally is essential to ensure that they remain on track. Failure to meet these goals could have grave financial consequences and it is therefore essential that maintenance schedules are followed religiously and that service of all machinery is regularly performed.

Often, despite keeping to maintenance and servicing schedules, machinery breaks down and slows down a project if a substitute is not available. Time and again, all the machinery available is used to perform a job as fast and efficiently as possible and downtime for repairs has to be kept to a minimum. Failure to obtain the necessary spares for the mining undercarriage or earthmoving machinery can therefore result in delays that could cost the business a lot of money. This is why it is always paramount to have access to a supplier that can provide quality spares when and where it is needed.

At Tractor & Grader Supplies, we understand the difficulty businesses experience when parts are not available or when inferior parts break and wear out easily. We make it our mission to ensure that our clients always have access to various brands of reputable, quality tested products at reasonable prices. We stock a wide range of accessories and spare parts for anything ranging from earthmoving equipment to engines and mining undercarriages, and we will be able to get you the parts you need in a jiffy!

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and our learning culture. We regularly train our sales consultants to ensure that we remain updated with the cutting edge of technology in the industry and we are able to provide any information regarding the relevant parts you may need. As we have been in operation since 1994, we have a lot of experience and possess the knowledge and product information you need at all times.

Our excellent range of products include well-known brands such as CAT, John Deere and many others, and we make it our business to keep your business going strong! Our SABS approved parts can be applied to many different industries and our great variety of products and exceptional service ensure that we are the continued preferred supplier of spares to many clients in different industries. We aim to always have the parts you need and to combine our wonderful service delivery with reasonable prices and on time delivery.

Whether you need grader blades, engine upgrades or mining undercarriage parts, we are the supplier for you! Contact our friendly service agents for more information on how we can help to keep your machinery maintenance and repairs as painless as possible!

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