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The parts in the braking system work as hard as those in any other system in your machine. Our Braking replacement parts are rigorously inspected to ensure your safety. TGS offers everything you need for the repair and maintenance of your equipment’s braking system.
Hydraulic Brake System: Works on the principle that pressure on the brake fluid is applied evenly throughout a closed system. When the brake pedal is pressed, a piston in the master cylinder moves the brake fluid through steel lines applying equal force to all the wheels. The pressure of the brake fluid causes the pistons in the wheel cylinders to be forced outward pressing the linings against the discs or drums.
Air Brake System: Uses a compressor driven by the engine to fill pressurized tanks with air. When the brake pedal is pressed, a valve allows a certain amount of air pressure to the brake chambers at each wheel. The harder the brake pedal is pressed, the more pressure you give to the brake chambers. There are three different air braking systems: service brake, parking brake, and emergency brake.

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Wet Brakes

Wet Brakes for standard and heavy duty applications
Wet Brakes for standard and heavy duty applications

Friction Discs

Brake Lining Kits, Clutch Discs, Brake Discs, Transmission Discs

Brake Pedals

Brake Pedal Assemblies & Pedals & Valves

Brake Drums

Brake Systems, Clutch Systems, Final Drive Systems


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