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Cylinder Heads

cylinder-heads-2\ CTP Cylinder Heads
Bare Cylinder Head Part No. Complete (Loaded) Cylinder Head Part No. Model/Engine Arrangement
2425327 3500
1407373 1605130 3116, 3126
6I2378 7C3807 3204, 3208
1154158 7E4204 320L, 3116
1N4304 1N4304C 3304DI
8N1188 8N1188C 3304DP
8N6796 8N6796C 3306DI
8N1187 8N1187C 3306DP
1105097 4W5311 3406A
1105096 7W2202 3406B
7W2225 3408B DI
7N0858 7N0858C 3408PC
7N0848 3412, 3412A
7W2243 7W2242 3412B
2S9004 2S9404C D330
4N7000 D339, D7E, D7F
8N6000 8N6000C D342DP
8N6004 8N6004C D342NDP
4N6765 4N6765C D343, 988
7N6340 D353
7N3630 7N3630C D353, D9H-G
5N8319 5N8320 D379
7S7070 7S7070C D4D
1P4303 1P4303C D5, D6
CTP Cylinder Heads Groups
Bare Cylinder Head Group Part No. Model/Engine Arrangement
7N8874 D4E, 930, 120G
7N8876 3306DI
7W2203 7W2203
CTP Cylinder Heads Assemblies
Cylinder Head Assembly Part No. Type Model/Engine Arrangement
1838171 REAR 3066
1838174 FRONT 3066
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* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only

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