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Hydraulic Cylinders

hydraulic-cylinders2 CTP Hydraulic Cylinders are on the job every day, prolonging the life of their machines by reducing costly maintenance and downtime.
Part No. Barrel Part No. Engine Model Repair Kit
9T4006 CYLINDER GR 428 7X2737
7J9675 CYLINDER GR – RH 920 7X2789
7J9676 CYLINDER GR – LH 920 7X2789
7J9851 CYLINDER GR 920 2410898
7J9729 CYLINDER GR – RH 930 7X2766
7J9730 CYLINDER GR – LH 930 7X2766
7J9872 CYLINDER GR 930 7X2747
7J9695 CYLINDER GR 950 9X2050
8J0028 CYLINDER GR N/A 7X2791
3G8069 CYLINDER GR-RH 12G, 120G, 140G 7X3739
3G8070 CYLINDER GR-LH 12G, 120G, 140G 7X3739
9T5219 CYLINDER GR 416, 428 2465926
6E1964 CYLINDER GR 416C 1864327
6E0274 CYLINDER GR 416C, D 2418924
6E5024 CYLINDER GR 814F 2409538
7J9838 CYLINDER GR 920, 930 7X2751
3G5291 CYLINDER GR 936F 7X2686
1U1147 CYLINDER GR 950B 7X2698
1U1148 CYLINDER GR 950B 7X2698
3G8786 CYLINDER GR 950F 7X2704
3G5495 CYLINDER GR LIFT 966D/E/F 7X2710
3G5496 CYLINDER GR 966D/E/F 7X2710
3G5497 CYLINDER GR 966D/E/F 7X2703
1332963 CYLINDER GR 966G 7X2710
9T8257 CYLINDER GR 988B 7X2742
7J8302 CYLINDER GR D6C 7X2659
1U3989 CYLINDER GR D6H 7X2670
1U3990 CYLINDER GR D6H 7X2670
1526485 CYLINDER GR D6N 2409538
6E1102 CYLINDER GR D8R 3193557
Hydraulic Cylinder Assemblies
Part No. Description Engine Model Cylinder Gr.
1052365 CYLINDER 416 1052358
9T4009 CYLINDER A 416 1851839
7J9728 CYLINDER A 930 7J9730
7J9868 CYLINDER A 930 7J9872
7J9691 CYLINDER A 950 7J9690
9J0669 CYLINDER A 977 9J0673
1052325 CYLINDER 416, 416B 1165353
6E0273 CYLINDER A 416C, D 6E0274
1166857 CYLINDER A 436C 2283506
7J9839 CYLINDER A 920, 930 7j9838
3G8792 CYLINDER A 950B/E/F 1U1147/1U1148
3G8785 CYLINDER A 950F 3G8786
1189004 CYLINDER A 962G 1189001
3G5264 CYLINDER A 966D/E/F 3G5497
3G5502 CYLINDER A 966D/E/F 3G5495
1334048 CYLINDER A 966G 1332963
8J6867 CYLINDER A D6G2 8J6868
1103787 CYLINDER A D6N 2280320
3G8194 CYLINDER A D8L 9t2860
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* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only

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