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Link Assemblies

link-assemblies2 Track Links have excellent wear resistance, even in the most sever working conditions. This is assured by modern rail induction hardening systems. Induction Hardening Process Induction offers the necessary control and accuracy to focus the heat to a specific are of the part Features High grade Boron Steel increases the wear resistance and prolongs the wear life. All lubricated track chain joints are 100 % pressure tested. Split master link is manufactured with state of the art technology. All excavator chains are Sealed and Greased , containing a synthetic grease that is applied between the pin and bushing and is then sealed with a high quality polyurethane seal between the bushing and link. This extends the wear life, while minimizing the friction between the bushing and the pin. Link hardness of 48-56 HRC, bushing hardness of 55-60HRC, pin hardness of 57-63 HRC, and surface hardness of 55-60HRC. Warranty 1500 working hours.
Part No. Description Application
1V4599 LINK A/LUB D4D D4E 941B
1V7072 LINK A D4D 941B
1V7075 LINK A D4D 941B
1V7077 LINK A D5 955K 955L 95
3P3885 LINK A/LUB D5 955K 955L 95
3P1088 LINK A/DRY D6C 955L
3P1118 LINK A/LUB D6C D6D 966L
3P1120 LINK A/LUB D6D 955L 963
8E4326 LINK A D6H
8E4328 LINK A D6H
8E4327 LINK A D6K
3P0955 LINK A/DRY D7E D7F D7G 571A
3P0629 LINK A/LUB D7E D7F D7G 571G
8S0396 LINK A D8H D8K 583H
6I8665 LINK A D8N
8E4518 LINK A D8N
4I7480 LINK A E120B, 312, 312B
6T0511 LINK A 211
8E8643 LINK A 235
9W9353 LINK A 320
9W9354 LINK A 320
1959344 LINK A 322L 322BL
6Y2754 LINK A 330
6Y2755 LINK A 330
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* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only

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