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o-rings2 Suitcase Style O-Ring Kits The O-Ring kits come in special suitcase styles with interior foam, containing the most popular ring sizes. Viton O-Ring have higher temperature resistance than regular o-rings. For more information about the differences between o-rings, please look at the O-Ring reference chart on the back of this page.
Part No. Material Description
CTP0057 Nirtile O-Rings 54 Sizes / 223 Pieces
CTP0157 Silicone O-Rings 54 Sizes / 223 Pieces
CTP0257 Viton O-Rings 54 Sizes / 223 Pieces
CTPMN70 O-Ring Kit Metric
CTPSN75 Nitrile 75 Hardness O-Rings 30 Sizes / 381 Pieces
4C4782 O-Ring Kit
4C8253 O-Ring Kit
CTP Multi-Purpose O-Ring Kit The CTP Multi-Purpose O-Ring Kit Part No. CTPSN75 contains Nitrile 75 Hardness, substantially improving the lifetime of the machine and the component. It can be used in any industrial application from automotive to heavy equipment. Most common Materials for Rubber O-Rings   Download PDF here!

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only

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