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Oil Coolers

oil-coolers-2 Engine Oil Coolers
Part No. Description Application
1245142 CORE AS 5130, 777C, 3508B
1330125 CORE AS 988G
2674743 CORE AS 3126
2W7590 CORE AS 910
4N2388 CORE AS 3412
4W0419 CORE AS 854K, 992C, 3412C
4W5549 CORE AS D398A, G398
4W5550 CORE AS D379, G379
4W5551 CORE AS D399
6N9213 CORE AS D343, 988
6N9220 CORE AS 988
6N9653 CORE AS D7E, D8H, D8K
6N9654 CORE AS D9, D9G, D9H
6N9670 CORE AS 630, 631, 633, 657
7C0145 CORE AS D9L, 3412B
7C3039 CORE AS D8L
7N0098 CORE AS 955K
7N0110 CORE AS D7F, D8K
7N0113 CORE AS D8H, D6K
7N0125 CORE AS D353, D353G, G353
7N0165 OIL COOLER D6D, 3304
7N6668 CORE AS 977K, 977L
7N6677 CORE AS D6C
7W0491 CORE AS D5B, D6C/D, D7G, D9L
7W1762 CORE AS 3208
7W2164 CORE AS D8L
9N5233 CORE AS 3100, 3200, 943
Hydraulic Oil Coolers
Part No. Description Application
1047366 CORE AS 235C/D
1W0219 CORE AS 966C
1W0284 CORE AS 834B, 988B
1W0289 CORE AS D7H, 12G
2W9978 CORE AS D5, D5B, D6C, D6D, D7G
4N5915 CORE AS 980B
7Y1961 CORE AS 320
Radiator Oil Coolers
Part No. Description Application
2W7933 CORE AS 815B, 966D, 3306
Torque Converter Oil Coolers
Part No. Description Application
1414109 CORE AS 777D
1S0172 CORE AS N/A
1W0220 CORE AS 955K
1W0223 CORE AS 980B
1W0225 CORE AS 977K, 977L
6N9211 CORE AS D7E, 663, 657
6N9752 CORE AS 836B, 173B, 183
8N4363 CORE AS D6D
8N4364 CORE AS D5
Transmission Oil Coolers
Part No. Description Application
1011741 CORE AS D9R
1275537 CORE AS 815N, 950
1W0156 CORE AS 3408B
4P7731 CORE AS D8, 3406B
4W5363 CORE AS D7G, 3406B
4W7382 CORE AS 3406
6N9215 CORE AS D5, D6C/D, D7F, 966C
7C6461 CORE AS 3412, D10N
7N0104 CORE AS D33C, D330, 3304
7N0128 CORE AS D4, D4E, D5, D5B
7N3521 CORE AS 3306, D6
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* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only

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