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Precombustion Chambers

precombustion-chambers-2 Pre-Combustion Chambers
Engine Model Part No. Description Glow Plug
3204 4N8809 CHAMBER A. 3T8705
3406, 3408, 3412 4N3714 CHAMBER A.
D311, D315, D318 2S1273 CHAMBER
D315, D318, 3208 1S1967 CHAMBER A.
D315, D330 5S1833 CHAMBER
D318, D4400, D4600, D8800 7B1844 CHAMBER A.
D318G 1S1970 CHAMBER A.
D320 2M8590 CHAMBER
D326, D337 6H1528 CHAMBER A.
D330, D333 5S1822 CHAMBER
D330C, D333C, 3304, 3306 5S6795 CHAMBER A.
D333C 8S1522 CHAMBER
D339, D342C 2P0483 CHAMBER
D342, D342C 2P0484 CHAMBER
D343, 1693 8S1523 CHAMBER
D346, D348, D349 8N9489 CHAMBER A.
D346, D348, D349 9S6743 CHAMBER A.
D353 8S3617 CHAMBER A.
D353, D353, D379A, D379B, D398A, D399  7S5787 CHAMBER
D375, D386, D397 5F8265 CHAMBER A.
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* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only

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