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rollers2 Track Rollers are designed to significantly reduce your machine operating costs while still maintaining the high quality.
Model Part No.
225* 6K9880
320* 8E5600
589 S.F. 6Y2950
CR2881* 5A8374
205B S.F. 8E7494
215, 225 S.F. 8E4573
235B* 1P8717
235C S.F. 8E4579
307B S.F. 1273806
315, 315B S.F. 1634143
322, 325B S.F. 1634145
322, 325B S.F. 1634147
325, 330* 6Y5323
330 S.F. 1175047
345B* 1247280
345B S.F. 1787293
D3 S.F. 3T4352
D3 D.F. 3T4353
D3, D3B, 931* 6S3609
D4E D.F. 1181609
D5H* 6Y3908
D5HTSK S.F. 1210824
D5M S.F. 1248237
D5M D.F. 1248240
D6C D.F. 9G8098
D6C S.F. 9G8099
D6D D.F. 1181618
D6D* 3T3206
D6D S.F. 1181608
D6E S.F. 1181617
D6H* 6Y1781
D6M D.F. 1210827
D6R D.F. 1205766
D6R, IT S.F. 1205746
D7F S.F. 1181623
D7F D.F. 1181625
D7R S.F. 1248250
D7R D.F. 1248253
D8K S.F. 6P4897
D8K D.F. 6P4898
D8K, 983* 8P6256
D8N S.F. 9W8705
D8N D.F. 9W8706
D9H* 3P3403
D9H S.F. 8P5605
D9L D.F. 6Y2951
D9N D.F. 7T1253
D9N S.F. 7T1258
E120* 4I7345
E120B S.F. 4I7346
*=Top Roller, S.F.= Single Flange, D.F.= Double Flange Download PDF here!

* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only

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