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Torque Converter Impellers

Application Impeller Part No. Torque Converter Part No. Turbine Part No.
518 1T1691 1T1984 1T0020
518, 815 1T0406 1T1984 1T0020
613 1T0042 1T1400 1T0020
637 1T0901 1T0910 1T0662
814 1T1051 1T1025 1T1053
834B 9W1566 9W1562 2P4470
916 1T1447 1T1449 1T0079
920 1T0841 1T0855 1T0842
926L, IT18B 1T1446 1T1448 1T0079
930 1T0851 1T0865 1T0020
930 1T1569 1T1615 1T1609
936 1T1647 1T1503 1T0020
934B 3T5419 3T5227 2P4470
938F 1T1727 1T1950 1T1805
941, 951B/C 1T0018 1T0760 1T0020
950B 1T1438 1T1735 1T1480
950F, 960F 1T1840 1T1841 1T1053
955K, 955L 1T0724 1T1255 1T0723
960F 1T1953 1T1939 1T1053
966D 8P0957 7T7883 8P0953
966D 8P0960 6T1169 8P0953
970F 8E9972 1447659 6Y1089
977K/L, 980B 1T0709 1T1010 1T0662
980C 6P6927 9W6273 2P5680
988B-3408 3T5102 9W1564 2P5680
D3B, D5, D6C 1T0051 1T0930 1T1993
D4D 1T0022 1T1619 1T0020
D5, D6H, 977H 1T0699 1T1787 1T0052
D5H 7T4754 7T4308 7T4754
D6M, 527, 938G 6Y1084 1463328 6Y3149
D8, D8H 1T0633 1T0670 1T0221
D8L, D9L, D9N 9P6476 9P4888 8P9265
D9H 1T1399 1T0611 1T0611
D9L, D10N 9P6477 9P7115 9P9265
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* Other part no. not included in the list are available. Please contact your sales representative if you have any questions. Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only

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